RECOBIA - Reduction of Cognitive Biases in Intelligence Analysis

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After three years of research, valuable participation from end-users, and ground-breaking findings, the RECOBIA project ended on 31 January 2015. 

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Brussels, 2 February 2015

The RECOBIA project found break-through solutions to improve the quality of intelligence production and delivers applicable solutions to address the human factor in intelligence.

The RECOBIA project found break-trough results in the field of intelligence and in mitigating the negative effect of cognitive biases. The three-year research project identifies ways to improve the work of intelligence officers by reducing the negative effect of those unconscious...


Following the RECOBIA final conference on the topic 'the human factor in Intelligence" which took place in Brussels on 23 Janvier 2015, sevreal news outlet published about the end of the project and presented the main findings.

Cordis News published an article on the project. This article entitled "EU Researchers present strategies to enhance intelligence analysis" presents the major outcomes of the project.

You can read the article online on CORDIS website. This article was also published in  ...


A study on the Psychology of Intelligence: Drivers of Prediction Accuracy in World Politics was published on 12 January 2015 in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

When it comes to predicting important world events, teams do better job than individuals, this study shows. According to the new research published by the American Psychological Association, people can be trained to be effective forecasters even without access to classified records. 

The full study is available online: http://www.apa....


Axel Dyèvre - Associate Partner at CEIS -  has written an article on the links among "Intelligence, Human factors and Cognitive biases" in the January 2015 edition of the French Magazine Revue Défense Nationale. This publication is based on the first results of the RECOBIA project funded by the European Union and coordinated by CEIS.



The conference paper "Ontology building for cognitive bias assessment in intelligence" written by Gaëlle Lortal (Thalès), Philippe Capet and Alain Bertone was presented at the Cognitive methods In situation awareness and decision support (CogSIMA), 2014 IEEE conference on 3-6 March 2014 in San Antonio, Texas, United States. 

The abstract is available on the conference website



On 13 and 14 November 2013, EUROSINT ForumCEIS-European Office organized, at the premises of ATOS in Madrid,  the fourth workshop in the framework of the FP7 RECOBIA project (Reduction of Cognitive Biases in Intelligence Analysis).  This workshop was attended by more than twenty intelligence...