RECOBIA - Reduction of Cognitive Biases in Intelligence Analysis

Recobia gray background


The aim of the RECOBIA project was to improve the quality of intelligence analysis by reducing the negative impact of cognitive biases upon intelligence analysis. To this end, the 9 partners of the consortium made an assessment of cognitive biases and assessed how these biases affected the practice of intelligence analysis. Building on this initial assessment, best practices to reduce the negative impact of cognitive biases have been defined in the domains of software tools, training of analysts and organisational issues.

The RECOBIA project consortium consisted of companies working in the field of intelligence analysis (CEIS, Hawk, Zanasi SrL) and IT (Thales, Atos), research centres (CEA, University of Konstanz, Graz University of Technology) and psychologists specialised in cognitive biases. The coordinator of the project was CEIS.

In order to focus the research and developpement on the needs and requirements of professional analysts, their involvement was facilitated through the organisation of a series of workshops. During those workshops, the end-users were able to express their needs and requirements. On the other hand, the researchers and developpers of the consortium received valuable input and guidance in order to identify and develop appropriate solutions.The EUROSINT FORUM was in charge of this task. The EUROSINT FORUM is a pan-European network of over 400 intelligence professionals working in agencies and administrations accross the Member States and EU institutions.

The project ended in January 2015. For more information, you can contact Axel Dyèvre from CEIS,